The multipurpose Pre-Processor for FEM Analysis


Generator4 combines the car safety functionality of  it's predecessor Generator2 with geometry treatment and mesh generation under a new user interface.


Generator4 offers an easy to use impact point location functionality for pedestrian protection regulations and the Federal Motor Safety Standard 201.


After positioning the different impactor objects to the impact locations the vast number of simulations can be created.


For occupant safety Generator4 offers a wide range of functionality like

  • Dummy and seat positioning
  • Seat belt generation
  • Penetration checks
  • Defining of multi step presimulations  


The new mesh generation functionality introduced in Generator4 covers

  • importing of CAD geometry formats like IGES and JT.
  • improving CAD data through middle ply generation, hole closing or fillet insertion.


Several mesh generation alghorithms can be used to generate high quality shell elements to be used for the simulation with the various supported FE-solvers.


Of course Generator4 can be used to check and improve existing meshes with remesh and relax operations to insure better quality of subsequent simulations.




Program Versions

Animator4 2.6.0
Generator4 1.7.2
OpenForm 2.17.1
Generator2 0.1.5



MPDB 3.0
ODB 1.0