Animator4 2.4.2 released

Bugfix release of Animator4

We have released a new version of Animator4.

The main release points of version 2.4.2 are:

  • Advanced weld drawing with up to five functions defining length, radius, color of top, bottom and shaft.
  • Curve property legend label: assign any text to a curve’s legend label in a curve view without renaming the curve.
  • Important Change in Behavior: Editing the curve legend label in a curve view no longer renames the curve but sets the new curve property legend label! For details see description of command ‘c2d lab’.
  • NVH FRF MPF: Provide control over the line style of the variants
  • Modular data support for Tcl interface
  • Python: New a4RbeElement class for rigid elements
  • Dyna d3plot: - More support for reading geometry group files - added automatic pid function reading d3plot, depending on availability:
  • Pamcrash-ERF: Process single module data as non modular data
  • Database4: Updated femunzip to 10.71. This fixes multi-threaded decompression.

and many more.


For further details and a complete list of new features, improvements and bugfixes see the WhatsNew tab in the About dialog in Animator4 or review the file WhatsNew.text in the installation directory.  







Program Versions

Animator4 2.4.5
Generator4 1.6.0
OpenForm 2.13.0
Generator2 0.1.5