Animator4 2.3.1 released

New Bugfix release of Animator4

We have released a new version of Animator4.  


The main release points of version 2.3.1 are:  


  • Offscreeen rendering for writing pictures/videos is now the default behaviour, hence commands ‘opt qfb’ and ‘opt imp’ are obsolete.
  • polar plot style ‘chained vectors’ added
  • Improve reading performance of Pamcrash-ERF
  • Dyna3D-Curves: added support for nodouthf
  • ISO-MME files can be also scanned/read from a zip file.



and many more.  


For further details and a complete list of new features, improvements and bugfixes see the WhatsNew tab in the About dialog in Animator4 or review the file WhatsNew.text in the installation directory.  





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Program Versions

Animator4 2.4.0
Generator4 1.4.2
OpenForm 2.11.0
Generator2 0.1.5
Indeed 9.2.5
pam_med 1.1.25