Animator4 1.0.1 released

GNS has released the first bug fix version of Animator4.

There are somenew features in this version:


- Added password tab in Options dialog to unlock password locked commands.

- Added option to de-/activate file overwrite question.

- Implemented command "fun scs" to set the function scale of an arbitrary (not active) result set

- Added lots of metadata to curves, which can be seen in the curvelist.

- Added command "opt geo res" for resetting geometry transformations.

- Added possiblity to configure the calculator with makros.

- Implemented autoscale switch in StateSetProperties dialog.

- Implemented export of function bar definition to session file.

- Added options for a default line width and if the time marker is shown in the curve views

- Added command "fun fba lmi on/off" to position function number in mid field.

Is stated as "opt fba lmi on/off" inside the Animator4 packages


- Implemented SIGUSR1 handling like a3 for a4.

- Set extended selection as default mode for lists.

- Added writing of curve information (data input & curve view contents) to session file with "wri ses c2d"


For fixed bugs see 'What's new' in the Help/About dialog.






Program Versions

Animator4 2.5.1
Generator4 1.6.3
OpenForm 2.14.1
Generator2 0.1.5