Animator3 0.6.8a released

On October 24, 2007 GNS released Animator3 version 0.6.8a. This version includes a lot of new features as well as bug fixes.


New features in Animator3 0.6.7b3, released July 27 2007

added "wr1 ele/nod ..." to write multiple items to one fileadded function name mapping to the pamcrash interfaceadded reading of velocities/accelerations as displacements (i.e. for Nastran Sol 129)


Bug fixes, Animator3 0.6.7b3, released July 27 2007

reading data base on windows 64 bit fixed"wri inf " when slot is turned off - fixedfollow nodes are not stored in data base when active is selected


New features in Animator3 0.6.6a, released february 20 2006

support for FLC postprocessing (Indeed)support rezoning (Indeed and LS Dyna)spotweld support with more than 3 layers (Medina)added VRML input interfaceNastran velocity and acceleration support as function and vector valuesNastran...

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Program Versions

Animator4 2.5.1
Generator4 1.6.3
OpenForm 2.14.1
Generator2 0.1.5