OpenForm 2.13.0 released

Feature release

We have released the bug-fix release 2.13.0 of OpenForm.

The improvements in this release are

  • Added saving of User Created Data to the GDB
  • If the "Base Directory for Settings" setting and the OPENFORM_SETTINGS_BASE_DIRECTORY environment variable are not defined, then the installation directory is used
  • sessionFile actions that are defined with a relative path will be run in the path defined by the "Base Directory for Settings" setting
  • Added ability to create labels with a Border (View/Create Label)
  • Added ability to show Normal for Pick Point Added Definition color used when defining Vectors and Points (Preferences: Colors/Display: Definition)
  • Coordinates can be manually entered when picking an Arbitrary Point with Pick Point 
  • Batch version under Linux no longer requires an X Server

    More details can be found in the release packages.





    Program Versions

    Animator4 2.4.5
    Generator4 1.6.0
    OpenForm 2.13.0
    Generator2 0.1.5