Generator4 1.6.3 released

G4 bug-fixrelease

The main release points of the version 1.6.3 are:

  • Safety

    • FMH
      • Positioning: 'Invert y' flag is not deactivated Stochastic - Circle of Points: added parameter 'Normal' to be used as direction for rotation axis
    • Pedestrian
      • Corner of Bumper construction: Draw point at gauge center
      • 'To Bars' conversion: Create connected Bar Elements
    • PreSimulation
      • Added new Action type 'Stitch'
      • Updated Airbag Folding Tool Templates

  • Session File

    • Added support for the G2 command "qua cre hex"

For further details and a complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes see the Changes tab in the About dialog in Generator4.





Program Versions

Animator4 2.5.1
Generator4 1.6.3
OpenForm 2.14.1
Generator2 0.1.5