Generator4 1.4.3 released

G4 bug fixing release

The main release points of the version 1.4.3 are:

  • FMVSS201
    • Fixed target calculation when using Solids
    • Fixed interpretation of template parameter @FREE_ROTATION
  • Presimulation
    • Add all PAM-CRASH MATER Keywords if a SECURE/ PART Keyword exists
  • Pedestrian
    • Raster positioning: update start coordinate after points on front border lines are created
  • Impact Points
    • Added option to project Impact Point along a vector
    • Added support for template parameter @FREEROT
  • FMH Positioning
    • Cross Section is updated when a different Impact Point is selected
  • FMVSS201
    • Added conversion of the 12mph zone to Bars or Curves
    • Added conversion of the USER UR area to Bars or Curves
  • Pedestrian
    • New Pedestrian head IP raster point option - measure on structure
    • Added variable maximum number of rating points

For further details and a complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes see the Changes tab in the About dialog in Generator4.





Program Versions

Animator4 2.4.4
Generator4 1.5.2
OpenForm 2.13.0
Generator2 0.1.5