GNS Systems GmbH

GNS Systems is a subsidiary of GNS mbH and offers innovative information technology services for engineering. We plan, implement, and operate complex systems and applications infrastructures for product development and simulation.

Unix/Windows systems management, high performance computing and technical data management are our areas of focus. Many years of experience allow us to provide you with comprehensive consulting and effective realization.


GNS Systems operates large, heterogeneous Unix and Windows systems environments. This includes the installation and configuration of operating systems, integration of applications, data backups, and user consulting.


We also plan and operate compute and file server systems for computationally and data intensive problems. This area of focus consists of the development of application infrastructures utilizing distributed resource management systems, parallelisation libraries, job control programs, and corresponding user interfaces.


Our service within technical data management comprises planning, development, and support of complex application software for structured storage and administration of design, analysis, test, and product data.


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Program Versions

Animator4 2.6.0
Generator4 1.7.2
OpenForm 2.17.1
Generator2 0.1.5



MPDB 3.0
ODB 1.0